About Joe And His Family

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

My name is Joe Symmon and I am a Born-again Christian who was saved on June 10, 1973. I'm also the author of the autobiography "Dare to Dream."

Our Story

This is me with my beautiful wife, Alycejo, and mother of our three adult children who also live in California. 

We have been married for 44 years. 

My wife is also the founder of Women in Pursuit of Empowerment (W.I.P.E.). The aim of this organization is to break the cycle of poverty and eradicate suffering in the lives of voiceless and marginalized children and families around the globe.

Early life, education and career

I was born in what is now Murang’a County in Kenya, the son of Symmon Muchunu Mbaria and Mary Wambui who are both Kikuyu - the dominant ethnic group in Kenya. I grew up in a large extended family where life was hard but family ties saw me through childhood.


I attended Kariti Secondary School where I sat for the O-Level exams in 1969.


I moved to the United States in 1983.


In 1983, I did my undergraduate studies and majored in Intercultural Studies at Life Pacific College, Los Angeles, California. 

I later proceeded to do my graduate studies in Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California where I was elected President of the Student Union.

In 1987, I founded the “Faith Champions Church” which I am a member to date.  


I built the Faith Champions Church Cathedral in 2000.

In 2001, I purchased twenty-acres of land and built a Children’s Orphanage. The Orphanage has transformed 200 lives of orphaned children who were previously living on the streets.


Together with my wife, we also founded a children’s charity, built a full Boarding Elementary School and a fully equipped Boarding High School. 

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From Democrat to Republican

I participated in the California Gubernatorial primaries in 2010 as a candidate for the Democrat party, BUT My Faith in God, Family Values and my Patriotic love for my Country and the American Dream were disastrously incompatible. I became a conservative Republican immediately after 2010.

I've already declared my candidature in the California Gubernatorial primaries through the Republican Party when Recallgavin2020.com is consummated.

A Vote for Joe brings peace, hope, love, and caring

That's the change Joe Symmon will bring